The UN Global Goals

DermaPharm and the UN Global Goals

A single human being cannot save the whole world, but together we can make a world of difference. At DermaPharm, it is an intrinsic part of our DNA to take co-responsibility for the environment - and for the world. For over 40 years, we have been developing and producing environmentally-friendly care products - for the future. Based on the 17 UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development, we have initiated a number of projects to ensure efficient, responsible and sustainable production.

The UN Global Goals

Sustainable Development

The UN Global Goals: The Road to a Sustainable World

Today, we actively use the UN Global Goals as a management tool and have integrated them into our daily CSR work to create sustainable and responsible development. The primary UN Global Goals we work with, among others:

UN Global Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production, where we have set specific environmental goals for the use of recycled plastic and to minimise the use of resources. Our 2021 goal is that 15-20% of our packaging uses recycled plastic or other sustainable materials.

UN Global Goal 4: Quality education, where we help to ensure equal access for all to quality education and we promote opportunities for everyone for lifelong learning. We welcome interns and take an active part in educating skilled workers of the future. We have received Randers Municipality's CSR certificate and the Danish Industry Internship Award for this. Read more here.

What are the UN Global Goals? The UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development were adopted by the world's heads of state and government in 2015, setting the course for more sustainable global development to be achieved by 2030. There are 17 UN Global Goals and 169 sub-goals, to which all 193 UN member states have committed themselves. Read more about the UN Global Goals here.