DermaPharm's history

Skin care created for the future - since 1975

We have a passion for creating mild, eco-friendly skin care products - and we have done so since 1975. For over 40 years, DermaPharm has set the standard for mild, environmentally-friendly care products for the retail, hospital and healthcare sector in both Denmark and abroad. Today, DermaPharm is an innovative market leader in environmentally-friendly skin care in Scandinavia.


From kitchen table to production company
The company started as a small one-man business with big dreams of creating mild, environmentally-friendly skin care products for consumers of the future. Today, DermaPharm is a major player recognised internationally with over 120 employees.

Danish roots
Since the beginning, DermaPharm has been 100% Danish owned. Still to this day, all product development and production takes place at DermaPharm's factory in Fårup in East Jutland - according to the highest Danish quality standards and quality control.

2006: Our own skin care brand – taking into consideration allergies and the environment
In 2006, DermaPharm launched the company's own allergy- and environmentally-friendly skin care brand, Derma. The first skin care series awarded both the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Asthma-Allergy Denmark label. Today, Derma is the market leader in sunscreen in Denmark and a strong skin care brand within the 'Nothing in category' in the retail trade in Denmark and abroad.

2020: Strong faith in the future
To meet the growing demand for our products, in 2020 DermaPharm expanded our facilities by an additional 7,000 m2. The construction more than doubled the size of our premises - as tangible proof demonstrating our strong belief in the future.