R&D at DermaPharm

Development of certified skin care at the forefront

DermaPharm's development department is the heart of the company. We have a strong team of dedicated, experienced developers who take pride in developing mild, environmentally-friendly, certified skin care products that can go the distance in terms of quality and functionality. Our team is among the absolute best in the business. We know this from our many successful customers worldwide and also from the industry certificates, honours and official recognition that our skin care products receive. All products are developed in Denmark, where pure ingredients, consideration for health and the environment, a high level of professionalism and a sprinkling of creativity are the formula for world-class Danish skin care.

Made in Denmark

"Made in Denmark" is not just a slogan -
it’s synonymous with exceptional high
quality and workmanship.

"We take pride in developing clean, effective and honest, high quality skin care products that are at the forefront of new developments in ecology, allergy and health.”
Lene Stougaard, Head of R&D, DermaPharm A / S

Does your product need to be certified?

Today, certifications have become standard.

The majority of the products we develop are certified as organic, allergy- and environmentally-friendly.

It is no exaggeration to call ourselves specialists in developing certified skin care.

We know what it takes.

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Values, awards and collaboration