Vision and values

'Scandinavia's most innovative development site'

As a modern skin care company, it is our job to produce safely, efficiently and sustainably. Our vision and values guide us all the way.


Innovation gives oour customers unique development, knowledge and value in the
product and the collaboration.


DermaPharm will be Scandinavia's most innovative development facility for personal care products.


DermaPharm will create the best framework for the innovation, research, new development and production of personal care products through a strong focus on our customers, staff and consumers.


At DermaPharm, all employees work on the basis of a shared belief and set of values rooted deep in the company's DNA. The values: Reliable, Results Oriented, Innovative, Curious and Committed capture the spirit of our company and reflect our way of being and working. Values that are an intrinsic part of our identity and self-understanding. Read what each value stands for and means to us:


Reliability in products, quality and communication. In addition to reliability in terms of our agreements and cooperations internally and externally. It all contributes to long-lasting customer and employee relationships.

Result oriented

A results-oriented approach to our work ensures that we deliver on time, in the right quantity and in the right quality – with an ongoing focus on optimising our efforts. This is key for achieving our goals for development and growth at DermaPharm.


Innovation gives our customers unique development, knowledge and value in the product and the collaboration.


Curiosity about new angles in daily operations creates fertile ground for the development of products, the staff and the company. Curiosity about life in general provides insights and new ways of looking at the world.


Committed employees lead to committed customers at DermaPharm.