Randers Municipality's CSR certificate

At DermaPharm, we strive to have a spacious, diverse and good working environment. Especially in terms of job satisfaction from our loyal staff, as well as including the unemployed in the labour force. In 2017, we received the Randers Municipality's CSR certificate for this, which is given to a company that demonstrates a special social and educational responsibility.

For several years, we have taken an active part in educating skilled workers of the future. To this end, we have had a successful collaboration with Jobcenter Randers Erhverv on the integration of the unemployed into the labour market and upgrading the skills of the future workforce.

In 2019, we also received the Danish Industry Internship Award for positively welcoming interns. Today, approximately 10% of our employees are doing internships. Read more about DI's internship award.