A sunny choice

#1 in sun care in Scandinavia

We take pride in developing the best and most eco-friendly sun care products on the market. An area of expertise where we are highly skilled. That is why we supply sun care products to an ever-expanding market worldwide under many different brands. We are proud of our position as a leading manufacturer of sunscreen in Scandinavia - within our own label as well as private labels.

Our own little sunbeam, Derma Sun, is today the favourite choice amongst Danes when it comes to sun protection. Derma is a Danish, allergy-friendly, Nordic Swan Ecolabelled and coral-friendly sunscreen developed with respect for the body and the planet. It is no wonder that Derma Sun Care products have been voted Best in Testing by the Consumer Council THINK in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020.

We will continue to raise the bar for certified sun protection, along with our ongoing focus on developing the market's most functional sun care products. It benefits our customers and ourselves, not to mention millions of consumers.

 • Allergy friendly
 • Environmentally friendly
 • Coral friendly
 • Vegan