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Operators Skincare

Operators Skin Care is a sun care series developed and tested in collaboration with professional and serious outdoor enthusiasts to cope with the most extreme conditions. It is produced in collaboration with former soldier Johan de Renouard and born out of the military world, where the products have been tested and in use. All of which makes the Operators Skin Care series suitable for both extreme sports and outdoor enthusiasts in general.

Operators perform based on the philosophy that if you are to carry out a mission or achieve a sporting goal, you need equipment that can go the distance in terms of quality and that creates optimal conditions for you to perform your best. The same is true for Operators Skin Care.

  • The product must not stick in order to avoid dust and dirt settling on the skin
  • The product must have an optimal effect and durability
  • The product must be able to withstand wind, water and extreme weather conditions
  • The packaging must be practical and able to fit in a backpack