Jobs and working environment

Well-being and job satisfaction
are the alpha and omega

The well-being of our staff is a high priority at DermaPharm. Only with skilled, happy and committed employees can we develop and create job satisfaction, success and good results. DermaPharm boasts a team of dedicated, responsible employees who are enthusiastic and proud of what we create together.

Our values

Result Oriented


A great place to work

We have an informal company culture at DermaPharm characterised by a flat organisational structure. The goal is to create a workplace with a good, positive work environment, where people have high spirits and a sense of well-being. Over 25% of our work force has been in the company for over 10 years, which is why we have received the Danish Working Environment Authority award. Only with skilled, satisfied and committed staff can we, as a company, develop and create growth.

DermaPharm has received the Danish Industry Internship Award to welcome interns and the Randers Municipality's CSR certificate, which is given to companies that demonstrate a special social and educational responsibility. Read more about the awards we have received.

Jobs at DermaPharm:
Would you like to be part of our team?


At DermaPharm, we are always open to skilled, committed employees who are interested in - and want to work with – environmentally-friendly skin care.

Below is where we feature job vacancies. You are also very welcome to send us an unsolicited application at [email protected].

We currently have no vacancies.