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Hand care, hair care, body care, toothpaste, baby products, sun care products. Our mild, eco-friendly beauty products and cosmetics range from A-Z. Maybe you know DermaPharm for our environmentally- and allergy-friendly series Derma. Or our sun care series, Derma Sun, which is the leading sun protection line in Denmark. In fact, today we are behind the development of a wide range of award-winning skin care products and successful beauty brands - from organically-certified, high-end luxury brands and pharmacy lines to competitive supermarket products.

Quality products for face and body - a wide selection


We offer a wide range of products within personal care - from soaps and sunscreens to special care - and we strive for the utmost functionality and best quality for each product.

Facial care

Face creams, eye creams, serums, masks, cleansers, micellar waters, mists, skin tonics and lip care

Body care

Body lotions, body oils, body scrubs, deodorants, shower gels and intimate soaps

Hand care

Hand care products, including hand creams, hand soaps, scrubs and hand sanitisers

Foot care

Foot bath salts, ointments and creams, as well as special care

Hair care

Hair care and styling products, including shampoos, conditioners, hair treatments, hair waxes and saline sprays

Sun protection

Sun care products, including sunscreens, sun oils, facial sunscreens, sunscreens, aftersun care and self-tanning products

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