Pure ingredients

Danish skin care with attitude

From oils and vitamins to perfumes and active ingredients … There are plenty of options to consider when a cosmetic product is being formulated. But when should you say no, thank you instead of yes, thank you?

We are passionate about mild, eco-friendly products developed from pure raw materials - without the use of environmentally-harmful or allergenic ingredients. As a result, there are many ingredients that we will not work with. This actually makes us Denmark's innovative market leader in mild, environmentally-friendly skin care.

With DermaPharm you can be sure of one thing. We are curious and take pride in being at the forefront in our industry for product development. Through new production methods, new raw materials and our openness to explore new paths.

Mild, environmentally-friendly skin care

With respect for you and the nature

Organic skin care is the new name of the game

The global focus on a sustainable environment and the major concern about chemicals has created an increased demand for organic skin care. At DermaPharm, we have many years of experience with organic skin care. Today, we develop a wide range of organic skin care products certified according to strict organic standards.

At DermaPharm, we are certified to develop and produce products in accordance with Ecocert / COSMOS, which places rigorous demands on the ingredients' ecological origin, naturalness and purity. In order to use the Ecocert / COSMOS organic label, DermaPharm must comply with the Ecocert / COSMOS standard for the development and manufacturing of natural and organic skin care. In other words, Ecocert / COSMOS is a quality-controlled guarantee for, among other things:

  • Certified as eco-friendly production respecting health
  • Natural origin and plant-based ingredients (minimum 95%)
  • No parabens
  • No synthetic dyes or synthetic alcohol
  • No synthetic perfumes
  • No nanoparticles
  • Not tested on animals