Tested, reliable and safe

At DermaPharm, we turn to highly-reputable, independent certification authorities and experts in the environment, allergy and health so as to guarantee a mild, environmentally-friendly product that you can count on. A product which, at the same time, meets your needs and requirements. Our certifications help validate the quality of our company and our knowledge within specific areas. Read more about the certifications below.

Certified trust

DermaPharm is environmentally certified according to international standards. We are also certified to produce products that meet the high standards for receiving the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, the organic Ecocert / COSMOS certification and the Vegan Society’s Sunflower Label.

In addition, we have a great deal of expertise with allergy-labelled and dermatologically-tested products, which place great demands on the composition of ingredients. All our products are based on mild, environmentally-friendly raw materials. They are Danish developed and produced under strict quality requirements and controls.

IFS HPC (International Featured Standard – Household/Personal Care)

IFS is an internationally recognised standard that guarantees that DermaPharm meets high international requirements for the quality and hygiene of personal care products. Read more about IFS.

ISO 14001

DermaPharm is certified according to the European environmental management standard, ISO 14001, focusing on environmental management and minimising resource waste. Read more about ISO 14001.


Ecocert / COSMOS is an international brand and your guarantee that the ingredients in a product are made sustainably and organically. Read more.

Vegan Society

The Vegan Society is an internationally-recognised standard for vegan products. Their Sunflower Label is your guarantee that a product is made without any animal-based ingredients. Read more.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel is your guarantee that special consideration is given to both the environment and health. Read more.


AllergyCertified is an international allergy brand that certifies cosmetic products worldwide and ensures that the products have a minimal risk of causing allergies. Read more about AllergyCertified.

Asthma Allergy Nordic

The Nordic allergy label, Asthma Allergy Nordic, is your guarantee that a product does not contain substances that have a special risk of allergy. Read more.

aha!: The Allergy Seal of Quality

aha!: The Allergy Seal of Quality is an internationally recognised and protected trademark for products and services for people suffering from allergies and intolerances. It is owned by Service Allergie Suisse SA. Read more about aha!

Dermatologically tested

The dermatological, hyper-allergenic test is your assurance that a product, even on sensitive and atopic skin, has a minimal risk of causing allergies or irritation.

Recycled plastic

At DermaPharm, we use recycled plastic in our production to minimise plastic consumption and to help protect the environment.


We participate in the Danish Alliance for Responsible Palm Oil to help ensure responsible, sustainable production of palm oil. Read more.

EcoSun Pass

The EcoSun Pass trademark gives consumers a guarantee that the UV filters used in the product are gentle on the marine environment and corals and that the product is a coral-friendly choice. Read more about the Ecosun Pass!