Harmony between the interior and exterior

The right packaging

The packaging is crucial for your product's visibility, shelf impact and success. We help you make the right packaging choice that matches your brand - and your budget. While at the same time meeting your needs and desires for visual expression, quality, functionality, materials and recyclability. Whether you select a standard packaging or a special customised solution, we make sure your product has the right look and that it comes across as unique.


Sustainable packaging

We have a large selection of recycled plastic
and sustainable materials available.
We are specialised in certifications.

We guide you all the way


  • We advise and guide you in choosing packaging until we find the solution that matches exactly what you want and need
  • We have a wide network of well-respected packaging manufacturers / providers both nationally and internationally, who keep us up to date with the latest packaging solutions


  • We ensure that the desired / selected packaging is compatible with your product via a thorough approval process
  • We make sure that the necessary documentation is available and that the packaging complies with applicable requirements and legislation
  • For particularly challenging products, we offer performance tests in tandem with our suppliers to ensure the best packaging solution
  • We have extensive know-how when it comes to printing techniques regarding individual packaging solutions
  • For printed packaging, we often participate in the printing process to ensure the right colour match and that the print quality is top notch. If you would like to participate in the printing process, that is also possible
  • All packaging undergoes a thorough quality control process upon receipt


  • We keep up to date with sustainable packaging solutions via networks, seminars, trade fairs, etc. in order to offer you the best advice on sustainable packaging solutions.
  • We focus on sustainable solutions without compromising on quality. We always make a safety assessment of the packaging to ensure that the selected packaging meets the requirements of the various certifications.

Recycled plastic! Yes, please!

At DermaPharm, we use recycled plastic in our production to minimise plastic consumption
and to help protect the environment.

Our 2021 goal is for 15-20% of our packaging to be made from recycled plastic or other sustainable material.